About Us

Our Beginning

In 1964 I was sent by President Lyndon Johnson to the Caribbean Island of Hispaniola with 82nd Airborne Division to stop the aggression of communism in the country of Dominican Republic. The other end of this island was Haiti. It was in this setting that I witnessed suffering and poverty greater than he could imagine. I saw Haitian families brought over the mountain from their country to work in the sugar cane fields. I learned that Haiti was the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

After completing my military obligation, I married, finished college, and began my career. Then something happened that changed our entire way of thinking and living – Jesus became the Lord and Savior of our lives. God began to deal with us about the ministry. In 1975 I announced my call to preach. Upon the advice of my pastor I returned to school completing a Master of Divinity and Doctorate of Ministry degrees. I pastored two churches, but felt there was more God wanted me to do – – get busy providing for the children of this poor country.

Charles and Margaret Hyder chose to partner with Jean Edmond, founder of Calvary Bapitist Church, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He was very poor, yet his heart was pure and his love for the children of Haiti was very obvious. At that time he has 28 orphans living in a little building, sleeping in beds stacked three high. One filthy, concrete outhouse was used by both boys and girls. A barbed wire fence served as security and as a clothes line for drying clothes.

In 1979 we were awarded a tax-exempt, non-profit status for our ministry. A lot has taken place since then. Many people and churches invested in the lives of these children. We took hundreds of people to Haiti, raising money to build 22 churches/schools where approximately 15,000 children a year received a Christian education, a uniform and a noon meal when funds are available. Their principals and teachers were their pastors and leaders in church on Sunday. Land was purchased and the New Life Center was built that housed 78 to 84 children. They received clothing, three meals daily, medical treatment, and a Christian education.

Our Present Ministry

The Hyders are now partnering with Pastor Predestin Pierre Herard, who founded My Father’s House Orphanage in 2006. In addition to providing much love and attention to the 200+ children at his orphanage, Pastor Predestin provides good food, shelter, medical attention, a Christian education, and English classes. There is great need at this orphanage to expand the dorms to accommodate the number of children that are added to the home and provide a large, multipurpose pavilion. Pastor Predestin says, “God gave the orphans to me to feed educate, and show the paths of the love of God”. Our goal is to prepare them to become honest, respected spiritual leaders who will make a big difference in Haiti and around the world. An investment in a child is an investment in eternity.

Ministry Purpose

To fulfill the Great Commission by taking the Gospel message to whosoever by whatever means, as the Holy Spirit opens doors of opportunity at home and around the world.

Mission Statement

To deny no good for those who deserve it, when it is in my power to provide in Jesus’ name. (Proverbs 3:27)